You are reading this.

It’s pleasant to know you’re eyes are gracing my site.
This wordpress is dedicated to my intense infatuation for my passion:

Technically it’s Christmas (a holiday in which I despise, yes, I despise this holiday), and I feel like it’s no better time than the present to start something amazing. There’s not much to say about my days. Nothing exciting happens except if a crazy idea popped into my head or I read an informative article. My life is pretty boring, which is why I live in my head; it makes the 24 hour stretch feel like I did something extraordinary.
But, I did do something, in which I believe is awesome. I tried a new hairstyle! I know, “big deal!”, but it is for me. I’m so used to putting my hair back into a bun and accepting the basic look I have. I have a reputation for being low maintenance. But today, something appeared inside of me to try something I had never done. So, I decided to search for protective natural hairstyles for someone like me (no relaxer baby!). Simple and pretty. Here’s the evidence:CAM00016

For now, enjoy the holidays.

“Men only need two things – grilled cheese and sex.” – Emmy Rossum



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