Taco Bell Taught Me Something

There I was, waiting for Youtube to start up an Alex Clare song, and of course the damn commercial comes on.
Shockingly, I actually brought my eyes to the screen of my phone.
A man, early 20s (probably 30s, you never know these days) glances at his change and back at the meter maid approaching down the street, and then at the Taco Bell; they had those crunch wrap sliders for a $1.
Plus tax. Can’t forget the tax.
This ballsy bastard takes a leap of hunger, knowingly he might have a ticket ram sacked up his ass.
But, because he was starving, he ran over there to grab one of those artery clogging sliders.
And somehow, managed to do some acrobatics, dive into the car, and avoid a ticket in time.
The sandwich was still in tact.

Big deal, Kerry. How in the hell  did you learn anything from that?

Now, now folks, this is where you should look closer.
If you really, truly want something you’ve got to be able to sacrifice something to get what you want.
He was hungry, and he knew he was on the verge of getting that ticket, but he made it.
Sure, it was irresponsible but who says greatness doesn’t require a little of “what the fuck am I thinking” moments.
You will be doing kongs, double kongs, spinning flips, cartwheels, etc.
Lots of acrobatics to gain something out of yourself and accomplishing your goals.

See it now?


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