Why Roaches Are Beasts

Roaches? Really K.A.?”
My brain ventured back to my childhood years when I’d watch “Joe’s Apartment” any chance I got.
And than, I had questions that needed answers.

Why are roaches still around?!
I know almost everyone despises those critters; they can be nuisance. The very sight of them gets me itching and twitching. They’re nearly indestructible.
The resilience of roaches is truly an inspirational story.

I do care to share 5 wild reasons I believe roaches are beasts, according to my research.

1. They’ve existed for hundreds of million years.
Those little guys you love smashing have an army behind them. Back in the Jurassic period, roaches were neighbors with the majestic dinosaurs. Ancestral roaches came into existence somewhere around 350 million years ago and the current roaches appeared about 200 million years ago. They’re more prevalent than all five of New York City’s mob families.


2. They are capable of eating anything.
Since roaches are scroungers; they’re like that bum that lives on the couch and scarfs down your leftovers. Screw cooking, they’ll just eat your glue, soap, wallpaper, even your hair. They don’t give a damn what it is, although they do prefer their sweet treats.


3. They can survive without chowing down for long periods of time.
Should they go without food, they can easily toughen up and keep pushing. Some species of roaches can go for as long as 6 weeks without a hearty meal.


4. Roaches snag their vitamins from bacteria that reside in their bodies.
This will take some explaining. Apparently, there are bacteroides living in special cells which are mycetocytes. The bacteroides are given to new generations of roaches by their mothers. Basically, it’s a symbiotic relationship. For the comfort of living life inside of the roach’s fatty tissue, the bacteroides manufacture all the vitamins and amino acids the roach needs to survive. It’s like a business transaction, except it’s occurring in the body of an insect.


5. Last but not least, they can live for weeks without their heads.
Need I say more? Maybe, I do.
Entomologists have studied this phenomena and severed the heads of many roaches. How is this possible? Apparently, the head of a roach isn’t all that detrimental to how it operates. Roaches have open circulatory systems; if the wounds stays clot, then they aren’t susceptible to bleeding out. But in this case, death is inevitable. The roach will take one of two paths; dehydration or surrender to mold. What a way to die.

Decapt Roach

Think: you have a historical species strolling up your wall looking for the next come up.
Admire for a moment.
And then slaughter it with your chancleta.


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