How I Became Frugal (Cheap as hell)


I have an impeccable hate for spending money.
Unnecessarily, to be precise.
One minute the money would be in my hands the next I only have a dollar to my name.
How in the hell did I end up with a dollar? I’d asked myself.
Everyone can agree that it sucks beyond comprehension to be broke as a joke.
Time and time again, I’d feel the feeling of being broke and yet, I’d continue to be reckless with my cash.
But, with enough experiences, one grows to realize the bullshit they’re feeding themselves.

Here are 5 ways I became frugal.

1. Think of the feeling of being broke.
Every time I receive money,  I would recall all the hopeless moments of being broke. Remember that time you wanted to buy those shoes but you didn’t have a dollar to your name? How about that time you couldn’t even buy lunch? Our memories and experiences are here for us to learn from, thus becoming a stronger version of ourself. Never forget.

being-broke (1)

2. Live within your means.
If you know your cellphone bill is due two days from when you get your check, you need to do $200 in groceries and your rent needs to be paid, those should be the first responsibilities to knock off the list. Don’t spend money on things you know you don’t need just to buy it or because everyone else has it. Do you really need to spend $150 or more on a pair of Jordans if you’re not done paying off loans? Is that Chanel bag really worth being backed up on rent? Creating a budget plan can save you time and money. Here’s where you can gain more insight on concocting a plan:

woman thinking

3. Discipline yourself.

Number two and three go hand in hand. You have to control yourself when it comes to spending. Get what you need, not what you want. Manage your life and ignore your urges. People are in debt either from student loans or their irresponsibility. If you don’t have the necessary mindset for saving, all your money will be out the window before you blink. When you’re young, that is the best time to start saving. You will get old and wrinkly and no one’s going to care if you don’t have money to pay the mortgage.


4. Hide your money from yourself.

I do this to myself all the time. Hiding my money has truly been a great asset to the structure of saving. To keep your money from yourself can really benefit you. The thought of knowing I have money somewhere really makes me feel a sense of security.

hide money

Readers, I hope this little blog post has really helped you. Save, save, save. YOU CAN DO IT!

What’s your favorite way of saving? Comment below.


One thought on “How I Became Frugal (Cheap as hell)

  1. Well said…almost a little too organized for me to comprehend. I’ve been broke more times than I can count. It has it’s advantages. People don’t ask to borrow money. Or ask you to meet for lunch. Actually it’s a great way to separate from people.


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