How to Stop being a Hatin’ Ass Person

We all know that one person in a group of people who no one likes to tell their ideas or their experiences to.
When they come around, you shut your thoughts off and keep the conversation on them (because they love to talk about themselves) or a minimum.
That person who will constantly pull their pants down and take smoldering shits on your hopes, dreams, and actions.
Everyone wants to punch a cave in their face.
If you’re that person, this post is for you.
Take it personal, because it is.

1. Ask yourself: Am I a hater?

Do you find yourself in the midst of a conversation despising and dismantling a person’s ideas down to the most mundane aspect and telling them the obvious obstacles? Aspects in which that person can bypass should they take calculated actions on their goals?
If you realize this, accept that you are a hater.
Look yourself right in the eyes and say, “I am a hater.”
Admitting is the first step. Denial is an infection that you should re frame from doing or continuing.

2. Quit being stuck on people’s past mistakes.
So, you’re on Facebook or MySpace (if you’re really a loser) and you find yourself scrolling down and you scrutinize the positive posts people put. A person can be encouraging another and you’re backtracking on that one time they was shit faced at that party 7 years ago; hence, hating on their change. Respect people can grow.

3. Stop telling others what they should or shouldn’t do.
If no one asked you, why are you speaking? Honestly, not one person wants to be told what to do with their lives and if you say it in a way that it is coerce, no one’s going to want your company. Remember, you’re a hater at the moment; people just tolerate your ass.
If you’re not happy and fulfilling your dreams, (close your eyes if you’re sensitive) shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear your judgmental and presumptuous comments. At this point, no one wants to see your face.
Sometimes, it’s good to say nothing at all.

4. You know you can’t do it.
If you see another’s progressing and you hate on them, you know you can’t do it. Truth is, if you’re a hater; you ain’t shit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be worth a shit, there might be hope for you if you accomplish step one.
Try praising others for their accomplishments. You’ll find yourself feeling driven and you might actually finish a project you’ve been sitting on for the past 4 years.

5. Love Yourself
If you’re a hater, there’s clearly something wrong with you, internally. If all you do is find glory in being cynical to others, you don’t love yourself enough to get out of another’s lane. Let loose of the pessimistic attitude.
Self love creates elevation in one’s life. Necessary progress for a hater. Spend time trying to achieve your goals. Do wonderful things like volunteer at hospitals, soup kitchens, etc. Attempt to smile at yourself. Find refuge in the person you want to be. Introspection goes a long way.

If you discipline yourself, I’m sure you can obtain the personality of a winner.


One thought on “How to Stop being a Hatin’ Ass Person

  1. Excellent…As always. Some good points. I’ve never felt like I was in this boat, but I seriously notice people sometimes stop talking when I’m around…or, worse yet, focus all their attention on the only other person in the group. So maybe I do need to take a look at how I come across. Anyway, well done and some good points.


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