Just a Poem

Attack on my lungs
My air isn’t fluctuating
With a quick glimpse in your eyes

Leads to long lasting sighs
Of you between my thighs
Nibbling, biting, thriving to break loose of your grip
One pounce on me, like a sleep panther
I am finished, totaled
I can feel the sweat drip from your forehead
into my mouth
You are not to surrender, so I must
My vision clouds up with spontaneous questions
The registration of the current situation has
yet to sink in
Dreams of me committing “sin”
Ripping the life force from you and devouring it
Sucking on the scrumptious taste it gives off
And letting my stomach acid soak, burn, simmer
and marinate 
it would take me a few hours to shit you out
Your mere existence would be splendidly
consumed and turned out
But, that’s just in dreams


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