8 Goals I Will Accomplish Before I Die

There’s no need for an introduction, although I just did an intro by doing an intro.

1. Publish My First Short Story Compilation
For years, I have been blabbing about publishing a book and for years I have tried to complete a novel. Realizing that I lack the commitment to two or more characters for a long period of time, has directed me onto a path where I can publish some form of writing; short stories. Honestly, I’m too interested in whoring around with the many ideas I have twirling in my head to be tied down to one.

2. Create A Business
I have so many ideas for a business, but my recent and more prevalent idea has been creating a babysitting business. Since I adore children, why not utilize what I have and make some form of living off of it?

3. Sky Dive
For 3-4 years, I’ve been yearning to jump out of a plane. It’s an absolutely necessary goal that I want to accomplish. I see myself leaving all of my anxiety and fears in the sky; I want to feel the near death rush.

4. Travel Cross Country
I’ve always loved road trips. No matter how tight my legs get  or how crunched I feel, I want to keep going. New York City to California to Texas to North Dakota is how I want to do the trip. A straight cross. Living like everywhere is home, is the dream I want to fulfill.

5. Create An Organization For The Unfortunate
One of my biggest dreams is traveling throughout the world and assisting people who are in severe poverty. What’s success if you can’t share it amongst everyone? I want to touch people’s lives, show them they can ignite that flame of faith and perseverance. Show them that this life is worth living. And it may be for a moment in time, but as long as it happened, it never dies.

6. Learn How To Swim
I’ve always been afraid of completely submerging myself under water. But what kind of life would I live if I don’t face my fears? Challenges should build you.

7. Have A Child
The extension of oneself is one of the greatest examples of faith. To have a child in this crazy world, you must first be within yourself. Everything in moderation.

8. Love
I’m already doing it, but I want to die continuing my streak of love, spreading it amongst everyone who needs it.

So, what are your goals?
Comment below and as always, thank you for reading. ❤ 


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