Acceptance Of Power

I’m just spatting what’s in the noggin at the moment, or moments.

All I see in the media is romance. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing Taylor Swift’s pop infested voice singing about a dude’s crazed love for her. Or Selena Gomez’s husky tones draping on the words, “I just wanna be good for you” (catchy beat for the contrary.) Or Nicki Minaj’s plastic ass is an inspiration for women to either see a doctor or go to a gym they hate with the impression that with those actions, they’d meet Mr. Right all the while listening to “Feeling Myself”. But it seems as though a society full of love infected zombies are being birthed at such young ages. I’m sure this has been occurring far, far before my time and I’m just pointing out the obvious.

Society has been conditioning the minds of women/men to submit their individuality and their dreams to the crippling fit of a marriage ring.

Nothing is wrong with wanting to be a wife/husband or a mother/father but I find something wrong when you think that’s all you’re supposed to be. There is something wrong when you relinquish your soul to an apron and you stop aspiring to reach new heights on your path. Relationships are a glorious aspect in life that can make, break, shake, and wake you but letting the fusion of another person’s life hinder you from walking at your own beat is something I’m opposed to.

From my personal experience, this current job I have as a babysitter/nanny has expressed to me the importance of having a sense of self and impeccable focus. The hours range, my patience is consistently tested, and my free time depends on if I have time to sleep for an extra hour. Understanding who you are and how you’re feeling about certain situations that hit you, trusting yourself and setting up plans to keep a strong control in your life is what’s important. When you forget thou self, thou self forgets about breathing and when breathing seizes, progress stops. Many say they love themselves but they forget about their well-being in the process of daily life.

My gender, my skin tone, my personality could have been something else from a different planet – but I am who I am. Embracing yourself, not losing yourself in the midst of children, relationships, and work is something that many struggle to balance. Hell, whatever life throws at me I’m sure I’d have trouble balancing. But, it is this realization that we need to pay heed to – never forgetting about who you are and what you stand for.

Because when you hit your head on that pillow at the end of your stressful day, it is you who’ll be with you.

Chase your wildest dreams and never forget to feel yourself all the while being good for yourself.


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