My Visit to The Redwood Forest!

Recently, I went on a vigorous and spiritual adventure with an adventurous and spiritual gypsy woman.

I’m not joking. Seriously, it happened.

The first stop in our damn near two-week trip was Georgia. Now,  I’m not used to long trips, although I loved the thought of traveling until I actually became a traveling woman. I went stir crazy the first half of the trip and I just wasn’t feeling it. Georgia was just another state, but the hotel was pretty comfortable. From Georgia, it was New Orleans, which isn’t worth writing about. And from New Orleans it was Teaxs, which isn’t much to write about either (except we visited a very special individual), but that’s all.

Okay, I got that out of the way. The main point of this post is to explain my experience of how remarkable The Redwood Forest was. Located in Northwestern California, the Redwood Forest is a United States National Park. In total, there are four parks and together, they protect 45% of all coast redwood old-growth forests.

Three words: Giant Fucking Trees.

Whilst driving in the middle of the night, I noticed the extreme shift in the environment. The height of the trees seem to have been towering more and more, the deeper we drove into the night. The branches leaped over the road and the darkness grew darker. And at that point, I knew I fell somewhere far from what I was used to. The town we squatted in was Crecent City which is practically the last town in the vicinity. The nearby towns were Klamath, Trinidad, Mckinleyville, Arcata, and Eureka. Throughout out journey, I grew accustomed to mainstream music (The Weeknd’s “Starboy” is stuck in my head) and going deeper into forest land, the stations shrunk to about two-three. Country, unheard of rap music, and wild-ass Christian services. Very entertaining, might I say.

The hotel we stayed in was Anchor Beach Inn, and it was placed right next to the ocean and the sea lions were making a statement as we checked into the hotel in the wee hours of the morning and evening. I enjoyed how old-school the hotel was, I love antiques and the feeling of being in a different time era. Being able to step out the door and see the ocean was liberating. On our drive to The Trees of Mystery, we caught the gorgeous North Pacific Ocean right out the car window. It was absolutely breathtaking:


A photo doesn’t do the ocean justice. I felt the power of the ocean and grew immense respect for water as well as all of the elements that make up this planet.

The best part of this entire trip was in fact, visiting the Trees of Mystery.


Paul Bunyan & Babe The Blue Ox

I’ve never heard of Paul Bunyan and at one point, I believed he was a real person. Until I googled it and found out he was actually a character who was a giant. So, you can imagine how blown my mind was. Yeah, you can laugh if you like, believe me I did. Along with Paul Bunyan, I discovered interesting things in the gift shop and just before the trail I eyed this statue:

Wood Carving of Yurok Indian

Don’t know much about that statue, but I can tell you that the Yurok Indian Tribe is predominant in Northwestern California. Along with the Yurok Tribe, there’s the Karuk, Hupa amongst many others. I met a man of the Yurok Tribe and was given an understanding of the life on the other side of the country. We’ve decided to keep in touch; it’s not usual that you meet someone from a completely different setup than you, especially if you’re a city gal like myself. I took these cool photos in the gift shop as well:

Bigfoot’s Imprint. (I became a huge Bigfoot enthusiast on this trip, and I plan on going to the Bigfoot Museum.)
Kick-Ass Bigfoot Statue. 
Interesting Geode.

After a dashing time in the gift shop, we made our way to two different trails. This it the first trail on the first day and I captured these cool photos:


From Below.



Now, onto the second day in the Redwood Forest. These photos were taken at the Trees of Mystery Trail! (Don’t want to ruin the experience completely for those of you who intend on venturing out there, so I’m limiting how many photos I post.) Check it out:

(Tree was too giant to take a photo. Seriously.)
This tree fell and other trees began growing on top of it. Crazy, right?


Okay, that’s all the photos I’ll disclose. Trust me, it’s worth the $16.00, and that includes the Sky Trail which was one hell of an experience.

The fudge cakes were amazing (try it!) and the End of Trail Native American Museum was quite the encounter. Tons of artifacts and stories that brought you closer to the culture of the Natives. Went to the Fisherman’s Restaurant – fried, fried, fried. If you like fried foods, GO THERE. If not, just walk across the street to the Subways and call it a day.

Overall, I give the experience a hard 9/10, only because I didn’t stay long enough, unfortunately. I intend on exploring more of the four parks the next time I swing by that beautiful, historical place.

Caught this bad-ass parrot we encountered while leaving California.

He said, “Hello!”

As well as these Elks who were caught just chillin’ in Elk Cabin. Yup, you can rent a cabin and wake up to an Elk in the backyard.

Ass Shot.


For the venturous and wild person, this is a definite go-to.

Thanks for reading! I’m turning this blog into a travel blog, considering that I love going places and I want to share my experiences with others. Spread the word, comment, like and, Kick-Ass! |




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