Bravo Farms in Kettleman City, CA!

Now, this is the part of my California journey I completely forgot to mention.

After a long, bitching ride from New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisianna, and Georgia (with Alabama and Mississipi on the trail), the Gypsy Woman and I finally arrived in California. The sun greeted us with bright, beautiful smile after we slept in the car for another short/long night.

That day, I was beside myself for some odd reason – more excited than usual. We took off in our silver/gray car with the road ahead of us and a longing for finally resting our eyes on those lavish trees.

Our bellies rumbled, “Grr… grrr… grrrr!!!” It forced us to listen and we found a Denny’s. In the beginning of our travels, the Gypsy Woman refused to try Denny’s, previously, she was told that Denny’s was a grease feast. But my words convinced her to try it – she did. She loved it. And it was high time we tried the Denny’s in California. The breakfast left our bellies satisfied. While driving out, something caught my eye from across the street. It resembled that of a western town, a place you’d walk in and be transported into another time, another era.

“Ma, let’s go there!” I called while pointing. When I hopped out the car, I expected to see a cowboy pop out from behind a barrel. It was especially lonesome, strangely. A wild, wild west playground covered the outside and I found myself running up and down and around.

20161103_112415_hdr The playground.


I had never seen a wooden barrel in person.



As you can see, that balcony led you to a much bigger destination. I found that Bravo Farms was a giant mall with a smokehouse, ice cream shop, antique shop, and little knick knack shop. Upon entering the second floor, the air conditioner blared and country music with a tang bounced in the background. My eyes gleamed as I scanned the walls that were covered in antiques. I’m talking everything, from old-school record players to roller skates.

I regret not buying those skates.

Smart ass remarks to hang in your kitchen. Only cost $5 (from my bad memory, don’t quote me on that, kay?).


Heard this animatronic game making all sorts of noises. Was tempted to play. 🙂

Antique Mannequin.

Onto the lower floor – I enjoyed just staring at the animatronic head.

I don’t know if you could see it, but Mr. Froggy is frowning.

Waldo’s up there!!!

I didn’t think, “Oh how cute” when I saw this. I thought, “I want to be that pig.”


The little owl!

A very friendly worker assisted me on some wine tasting. Five different wines for $7. I was pretty tipsy upon leaving.

Bravo Farms was very clean and the scent made you want to buy something. So much to look at and admire, and the staff workers were very friendly. I wish I could have stayed longer to try the food.

Overall, I give this place a solid 9/10.

Check out their official website:

As always, thanks for reading guys!

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